LinnetSQLinnet Humble, Writing Center Coordinator
Master of Publishing, Simon Fraser University, 2012
MA English Literature, University of New Brunswick, 2007
BA Honours English Literature, University of Alberta, 2004

About: In addition to working at the Writing Centre, Linnet teaches courses in language, literature, publishing, and Maritime arts and culture at STU. She has also worked as an editorial assistant and proofreader for The Fiddlehead, The New Brunswick Literary Encyclopedia, The New Brunswick and Atlantic Studies Research and Development Centre, UBC Press and Goose Lane Editions. When she’s not working with words, Linnet is usually cooking and/or listening to podcasts about the paranormal.
Writing Pet Peeve: Hyperbole.
Random Fact about Linnet: I want to learn how to play the banjo.

Even Mersereau, Undergraduate Tutor
BA Communications & Public Policy and English (Concentration in Creative Writing),
St. Thomas University, 4th year

About: Evan is from Fredericton, New Brunswick, and almost decided not to pursue post-secondary education. Three years ago, his first day of classes was also his first day at a new job. At the end of his first year, he quit his job and switched from being a part-time student to a full-time student. It turned out that reading books all day was way more fulfilling than working retail!

Writing Pet Peeve: Adverbs.
Random Fact about Evan: I own a boxed copy of Shaq-Fu for the Sega Genesis.

Adam Nadeau, Graduate Tutor
PhD History, University of New Brunswick, in progress
MA History, Brock University, 2013
BA Honours History (Minor in Political Science), Brock University, 2012

About: Adam Nadeau is from Welland, Ontario, and studied History and Political Science at Brock University before moving to Fredericton in 2014. Adam is a PhD Candidate at UNB where his dissertation examines British Parliamentary legislation and its effects in eighteenth-century North America and India. When he is not busy thinking about the early modern world, Adam enjoys listening to classic vinyl and following the National Hockey League.

Writing Pet Peeve: Unclear antecedents.
Random Fact about Adam: I’m a historian who does not like Monty Python.

Autumn McDougall, Undergraduate Tutor
BA History and Human Rights, St. Thomas University, 4th year

About: Autumn is from Carleton County, New Brunswick. Autumn used to think Fredericton was a big city, and then she moved here. After her undergraduate degree, Autumn plans on traveling the world as an ESL teacher. In her spare time, of which she has little, Autumn can be found in her special reading nook. In addition to working at the Writing Centre, Autumn has worked nearly a dozen odd jobs.

Writing Pet Peeve: Redundancies.
Random Fact about Autumn:  I read 111 books in 2016.