Meet the Team!

Heather MacDonald, Writing Center Coordinator
Bachelor of Education, St. Thomas University, 2010
MA Folklore, Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador, 2008
BA Honours English Language and Literature, St. Thomas University, 2002
About: Before coming to the Writing Centre, Heather was a Learning Strategist at STU for 3 years. Her father graduated from STU in 1974, so she is a second generation STUdent, and feels like this is home.  When she is not working with words, Heather is running after her adorable one-year-old twin girls!
Writing Pet Peeve: Overuse of the word “literally”.
Random Fact about Heather: She plays tin whistles and sings in a Celtic folk band.

Sara Lamk, Writing Centre Assistant

Bachelor of Arts, St. Thomas University, 2022

About: She is an international first-year student, who has lived in 3 different countries before Canada. Although new to university life she is already thinking about majoring in Human Rights and minoring in English and Gender and Women’s Studies. Sara is incredibly passionate about diversity, reading, and writing. She is bilingual, speaking English and Spanish, and is in the process of passing the basic level in Japanese.

Writing Pet Peeve: Redundancies.

Random Fact about Sara: Read 112 books in 2018.

Isabelle Goguen, Graduate Writing Centre Tutor 
Bachelor of Arts, University of New Brunswick Saint John, Majors in English Language and Literature and History, 2018
Bachelor of Social Work, St. Thomas University, In Progress
About: She is a first-year student at St. Thomas’s Bachelor of Social Work program.
Writing Pet Peeve: Overuse of the word “like”.
Random Fact about Isabelle: She just adopted a pet cat, and her name is Rosalie.

Spencer Folkins, Writing Centre Tutor 
Bachelor of Arts, St. Thomas University, Honours English Language and Literature, Major in Great Books, 2020 
About: Featured as an Emerging Author at the 2017 Moncton Frye Festival, Spencer’s writing has appeared or is forthcoming in several journals, both online and in print. He is on the Board of Directors for the Writers’ Federation of New Brunswick, a member of the Editorial Board for The Fiddlehead, and is originally from Sussex, New Brunswick. He is currently in his third year at St. Thomas University and studies Great Books as well as English Language & Literature.
Writing Pet Peeve: Over/under-use of commas.
Random Fact about Spencer: He knows how to ride a unicycle.

Kristina Kocsis, Writing Centre Tutor
Bachelor of Arts, St. Thomas University, Honours Criminology and Criminal Justice, Major in Psychology, 2019
About: Kristina is currently in her fifth year at St. Thomas University completing an undergraduate thesis with the Criminology and Criminal Justice Honours Programme. She has a double major in criminology and psychology and loves social sciences. When she isn’t working or studying on campus, Kristina can be found with her teammates as she is also a member of the St. Thomas Women’s Hockey Team.
Writing Pet Peeve: Fancy thesaurus-generated words used to “fluff up” sentences.
Random Fact about Kristina: She can play the ukulele.

Fómhar McDougall, Writing Centre Tutor 
Bachelor of Arts, St. Thomas University, Majors in History and Human Rights, 2019
About: Autumn is her name, but her friends call her Fómhar (pronounced Fo-ver). It’s the Irish for autumn. Call her either! She is an avid reader and language learner who genuinely enjoys writing essays.
Writing Pet Peeve: Hyperbole.
Random Fact about Fómhar: She once spent a night on a cargo ship off the coast of Albania

Elizabeth Tuck, Writing Centre Tutor
Bachelor of Arts, St. Thomas University, Honours Human Rights, Majors in Political Science and Great Books, 2020
About: Elizabeth (she/her) has read a lot of awesome texts while at STU but she thinks Homer’s Odyssey or MLK’s Letter From Burmingham Jail would take the cake. This is her second year competing with St. Thomas Moot Court and her third year as a violinist with the Fredericton Symphony Orchestra. In her spare time, Elizabeth likes to nap. She hopes to see you at the Writing Centre soon!
Writing Pet Peeve: The misuse of semi-colons.
Random Fact about Elizabeth: She is currently watching The Good Place on Netflix. It makes her have a lot of thoughts.